Our Story

They didn't have much individually, but together they had each other and the inspirations that come with young love. He was a creative young man with a college degree in industrial arts. He knew a lot about materials and working with his hands. He had plenty of ideas and inventive ways to make life easier. It was not a surprise to anyone when this enterprising young man came up with a new kind of pillow.

The idea came to him after his girlfriend was lying on his arm while watching tv. He cut foam and bent plastic in his oven until he came up with a tunnel shaped pillow. He named it the "Coodle" and received a utility patent from the United States Patent Office. The couple started a side business and sold the Coodle® pillow at the local swap meet. They made enough money to pay for a simple wedding. As life got busier with work and having children, the Coodle® got put on hold.

Now years later, with grown kids and the explosion of the internet and social media, the one thing that brought them close (literally) in the 1st place is bringing this couple closer together again. The Coodle® pillow is back.

A concept, a dream, an invention can spark a person's spirit so that it bypasses doubt and fear. Making the leap, big or small, is something we all do in our lives. We won't know success if we let that opportunity pass or fade away.

Opportunity has opened up for this couple a 2nd time in their lives and the Coodle® has once again brought them closer together. The same little pillow that brought such excitement and purpose to this once young couple, is back in their lives and together they are making that leap again.

Thank you for your interest in our story,

Bob and Shirley 

Coodle Pillow Couple Introduction