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Coodle® Ultra-Slim Pillow

Coodle® Ultra-Slim Pillow

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Coodle Ultra soft, cushy, multi-use foam pillow. Thin in design, yet supportive due to the advanced flexible cell structure of the foam. The perfect support for people who don’t like overstuffed pillows. Finally a Thin Pillow for back sleepers who want something to cradle their heads, without that neck-stiffening thickness. Flexible cell structure foam makes it the perfect multi-functional support, not only on your bed, but also in your vehicle, around the house, on a chair, or anywhere you need extra padding for personal comfort. Use over an existing pillow on your bed or use by itself. Extremely versatile! So compact, this pillow can easily be packed for travel or used during travel! The advanced foam technology of the pillow’s soft flexible cell structure surpasses memory foam. Made in the USA. High quality. The Coodle Ultra-Slim Pillow supports! It won’t let you down!

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